Introducing Expert Perspectives: KAMILA FONT – KEY ACCOUNT MANAGER

Today, we have the privilege of learning from Kamila Font, Key Account Manager at MTC Venture & KIVO.

Kamila’s journey in the world of business is a testament to her exceptional leadership skills and a unique blend of expertise.

As our Key Account Manager, Kamila plays an important role in steering the ship of business development and metric optimization.

Her remarkable ability to foster collaboration within her team has consistently driven outstanding results, making her a cornerstone of success at KIVO BPO.

Now, let’s dive into the heart of Kamila’s strategies and experiences:

  • Kamila, in your role as a Key Account Manager, you’ve demonstrated leadership in building successful teams. Can you share a specific instance where your team-building strategies contributed to achieving exceptional results?

Certainly, during a period when we introduced two new teams that needed to collaborate closely despite differences in their functions and initial lack of familiarity or cohesion, I implemented impactful team-building strategies. Recognizing the strain on their collaboration, we organized team-building activities to foster camaraderie. Moreover, we arranged for the leaders of each area to spend a day working in the other area, cultivating empathy and a deeper understanding of the reasons behind their interdependence, resulting in improved teamwork efficiency and quicker task execution.

  • Your background in Clinical Psychology is a unique aspect of your profile. How do you leverage your knowledge in psychology to enhance business development, especially in client relations and team dynamics?

Absolutely, my background in Clinical Psychology is a distinctive asset in my approach to business development. In client relations, understanding the psychological nuances of client needs and expectations allows me to tailor our services to meet those requirements effectively. Moreover, in team dynamics, my knowledge of psychology enables me to create an environment that fosters collaboration, communication, and individual well-being, resulting in a more cohesive and productive team. Business, fundamentally, is about people, and a psychological perspective is invaluable in navigating these intricate interpersonal dynamics.

  • Process optimization is crucial in the BPO industry. Can you provide an example of how you’ve optimized a process to improve efficiency, and what impact it had on client satisfaction?

Certainly, in a recent initiative, we focused on process optimization to enhance efficiency and, consequently, client satisfaction. By diligently implementing a standardized operating procedure (SOP) and providing continuous training to our agents, we observed a remarkable 5% increase in Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) within the initial two months of the operation. The streamlined process not only ensured prompt and accurate responses to customer inquiries but also contributed significantly to elevating overall client satisfaction levels.

  • As a Key Account Manager, metrics play a vital role. How do you approach metric optimization to ensure that the needs of our partners are not just met but exceeded?

Absolutely, I strongly believe in fostering clear communication as the foundation for metric optimization. This involves aligning closely with both clients and agents to establish a shared understanding of the key metrics and priorities for improvement. By ensuring that everyone is on the same page, the entire team works collaboratively to not only meet but exceed the expectations set by our partners. This clear communication strategy empowers agents, providing them with a comprehensive understanding of their role in enhancing metrics, motivating them to go the extra mile to achieve outstanding results.

  • You’ve been successful in driving results through team efforts. How do you foster collaboration within your team, and how has this collaborative approach benefited our clients?

Indeed, I emphasize a communication-driven approach to foster collaboration within the team. By ensuring that every team member understands the collective goals and their individual significance in achieving those goals, we create a sense of ownership. This empowerment not only motivates agents but also translates into superior performance, resulting in metrics being not just met but consistently exceeded. The collaborative environment, driven by effective communication, ultimately benefits our clients by delivering exceptional results and service quality.

In our conversation with Kamila, we observe the fusion of expertise, leadership, and a commitment to excellence. Kamila stands as a beacon, illuminating the path to success through collaborative leadership, thoughtful process optimization, and a profound understanding of client needs.

We extend our gratitude to Kamila for sharing her experiences and valuable insights. Stay tuned for more engaging conversations as we bring the expertise of our team to the forefront.

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María Font



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